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Our Services


We know how faulty suspension affects the performance and handling of the car. Good suspension reduce the wear and tear of other parts of the vehicle.

Engine Servicing

car servicing could significantly reduce the likelihood of a costly fault arising in the future. At the same time, it prolongs the life of the engine


Going around with worn tyres is like driving in a ticking bond. we have a wide range of brand new tyres in stock for your convenience.

Wheel Alignment

Its recomended to schedule for wheel alignment periodically or each time you service your vehicle. We are a one stop shop for all your vehicle needs.


If you have a noisy or smokey exhaust system then you certainly need that checked. We can help with any exhaust related issues.


Your lights are crucial not only when driving at night but also various purposes intended for each. We make sure all lights on your vehicle are working at all times.


Dead or low battery problems can affect the performance of your car or may even damage some electric components. Check out our battery range of batteries in stock from trusted brands.


our experts are well-aware of every component of the Braking system. We identify, repair and replace the damaged braking system in time to ensure your vehicle’s safety.